Financial Management

MSH provides effective and efficient financial management services to its affiliated companies and partners. Our finance department directs and controls the financial activities in the group of companies and applies general and compliant financial management principles to its financial resources.

Strategic Management

MSH offers a comprehensive strategic management service to its affiliated companies and partners. The service includes regular competitor analysis to identify new opportunities in the market, analysis and evaluation of the current business environment, insights and strategic management of the group’s resources to achieve its goals and objectives.

Business Intelligence

As part of its comprehensive shared service offering to its affiliated companies and partners, MSH has built up an intelligent set of methodologies, processes, architectures and technologies that transform raw oncology-related data into meaningful and useful information to enable more effective strategic, tactical and operational insights and decision-making within the group of companies. This supports better business decision-making that informs strategy.

Information Technology

The Information Technology department offers a full suite of technology products to the MSH group of companies, ensuring seamless efficiency within all of its oncology centres, regional offices and Head Office. This in-house information technology service – in partnership with external service providers – provides technical support, resources and services to stakeholders on a 24/7 support basis.

Legal & Compliance

The Legal & Compliance department is dedicated to the protection of company rights and its employees. Their goal is to provide quality legal & compliance services in-house to ensure that MSH and its affiliated companies achieve and demonstrate regulatory compliance, provision of legal opinions and advice and to assist the group to mitigate their compliance risk exposure.

Human Resources

MSH believes people are the heartbeat of the organisation and their most valuable asset. They attract and recruit the finest talent in the industry: those who are aligned with their values and provide them rewarding careers. The HR Department’s service offering includes recruitment, salary and benefits administration, employee relations, professional development, compliance with employment-related legislation and developing policies and procedures that enable MSH to be an employer of choice.

Marketing & Communications

MSH provides an integrated marketing communications services to its affiliated companies, shareholders and partners. The service includes branding and brand building, PR and media relations, publications, content creation and digital strategy formulation and implementation.

Software Development

Within the MSH group of companies, a fully-fledged in-house software development service forms part of its shared service offering. The division provides software development solutions that are custom-made and suited to different business requirements.

Affiliated companies

MSH is the holding company for Equra Health and ISIMO Health. The Independent Clinical Oncology Network (ICON) is a network of oncology specialists across South Africa.